How to see whether a challenge allows conditional moves without accepting

The rengo challenges have two buttons: “View” and “Accept”. The “View” button is very useful to see all the details of the challenge before choosing whether to accept it.

The normal challenges don’t have a “View” button, just “Accept”. I can’t find any other link to click to see all relevant information.

Now, there is already a lot of information visible in the columns: player name, player rank, size of the board, etc.; but one information that I cannot find is whether conditional moves are allowed or not.

Is there a way to see more information about a challenge?


If you tap (or hover, depending on device) on a challenge within the graph, you get the full information.

If it says nothing, analysis is allowed, if it’s not, it says analysis is disabled.

Like this

It’s a workaround, I’d also like a more straightforward way to see that information.