How to turn a private demo/review into a public one

Hey everyone,
Today I was making some lessons for my friend who is just starting go, and I foolishly clicked the private box when creating the demo, I shared the link with my friend, and he said that he couldn’t view the demo(because it was private).
Is there a way to make it public, or maybe work around the whole thing.
I know I could turn it into an SGF file, but this might make it more difficult to view the demo? I don’t really know how these SGF files work, and whether or not people can view things like markers, different branches, and comments.

Edit: I also don’t have any apps to view the SGF file in, so what are my options there?

There are heaps of options to view and edit SGF files - google is probably your friend there. Of course, it will be interesting to see what folk here recommend.

They do support branches and comments, no so sure about markers.

At the top right of the popout menu on the demo screen, there is an “Access Settings” option. (There’s a little lock icon next to it).

You can add any player or group that you would like there.


Awesome, thanks for both of your quick responses.