How to undo a like

I’m new here. Joined June fourth, and didn’t have a chance to explore. I liked someone but I want to delete the like. How to delete it if anyone could help. Thank you for your support

Just click on the heart button again.

You can only undo a like within a few minutes. Then it becomes permanent.


On the forum you can like a post by clicking its heart button. You cannot like someone. If you want to undo a like on a post, just click the heart button of that post again.

On the go server you can become friends with other users. To remove a friend, click the “Friends” button on the top right, then click that friend’s name, then click the red button “Remove friend”:
Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 21.45.14
(on that screen shot, the “friends” button is the green “3 people” button, second button from the left on the top row of buttons)