How to view the AI analysis?

Hey there, I’m new here, but I’d like to make use of the computer’s analysis feature. I can’t seem to find what to click on to view it! I’ve toggled disable/enable AI and even checked out the FAQ on how to read AI reports, but it doesn’t seem like that comes up for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

This is the game I’m trying to get a review on, in case that helps. Thank you!

It’s a supporter feature (due to the cost of running the analyses).


Also, AI review is currently only supported on the 19x19 board size. On 19x19 games you will see a button for “Full AI Review”.


There is also the human analysis feature: you can ask here for a review.


Better and free! :smiley:

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That was all super helpful, thank you! I will look into becoming a supporter now, though I doubt the game is significant enough to warrant asking anyone to help me review it, so I guess I should just begin playing 19 X 19 games now. Thank you all for the quick response!

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