How would you play if your life depended on it?

I watched one of Nick sibickys videos, and he mentioned that players like shuusaku would play games over days and take 20 minutes+ for every move. This made me think of how quickly I play and how little I read.

We might be playing a game where we have days of time, but make our next move in under a minute. If you were playing a game where you would die if you lost, and the other person doesn’t know and is playing seriously(let’s say they’re of equal skill). How would the way you play a game change?. Would you read every move you could in the time you have? How much more thought would you put into the game?


I guess I’d immediately pass right on my first move —hoping the game would be anulled :grimacing:

Regards, Tom


I suppose finding a loophole in whatever rules were made up would be one way to get out of it. Triple ko. Get your opponent to resign. Lock them in the bathroom and wait for them to time out.

I did mean a fair game between both players though. So I’ll change it from “you die if you lose” to “you die if you don’t win”. Annulled/disqualified etc doesn’t count as a win. A resignation would only count if the player genuinely thinks they’ve lost. Game is annulled if either player timeouts out(pretend your opponent won’t timeout).

One thing I’d do is study as many of my opponents games as I could. The first move would be important, so I’d learn as much as I could about them them and plan the whole game before moving(if there’s enough time).

Thinking of the ring. To make it simpler let’s say the time limit for the game is 7 days. Your opponent is in a time paradox and their move appears instantly after you make yours.

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I would play very slowly and think out each and every move in advance maybe around 10 minutes a move depending.

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I think this is the right idea, but I would go further: play a move once a year and live a very long life. :wink:

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