Why is S15 T15 T14 wrong? p.s. can we open up problems so people can edit?

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It’s not wrong if you play the next moves right, just a different order in the solution.

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It’s marked as incorrect if you don’t exhange P17 before playing T14

Can we get this fixed? A solution should be valid as long as it solves the problem it shouldn’t be restricted to the order the OP was thinking of.

Better yet can we change the system so that people can edit the solutions idk if we want a git push type or something or…

Contact the author of this puzzle: @xhu98

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I think we should change the only the original author can make edits to problems to at least mods can make edits to problems.

Create some kind of thread for each problem and let the community make changes.

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Good point.
I raised this issue some time ago.
No problem with mods being able to edit problems of inactive authors.


So is this feature getting implemented?..

I don’t think it is considered an important issue.