I am looking to pay for lessons

I am not a beginner but I’m starting to peak and I’m looking for instruction.

I can pay via Paypal, and will pay in advance if that is a concern. I live in California (PST).

Looking forward to serious respondants.

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I myself am not skilled enough to give lessons {& I might take you up on your offer to give lessons (in your other post)} but so that others who are more advanced can decide if they can help you it would be wise to mention your rank, IMO. I wish you good luck in finding a teacher.

kippb, there is really no need for you to pay much money to get lessons unless you are I would say 3k or stronger. And as Sighris sais, knowing your rank would be nice. Your profile on OGS sais 10kyu? (This is not always accurate though so again would be better if you say how strong you think you are.)

I don’t mind giving you a teaching game or two, I don’t take money for it however since I’m only a shodan (1D) I teach and take any donations my “students” or players might offer if they want to though. But that’s really optional.

So give me some more info and I might be able to help you get over that wall of yours! =)




There are many teachers online.
Try googling around and looking for sensei’s library.
I know NGA (Nordic Go Academy) but I think you might be better of with teachers working in the states because of the timezone difference.
There are tens if not hundreds of english speaking go teachers online. You just need to find them