I am "on vacation" while I did not do anything

Hey there,

My profile shows I am on vacation while I did not put any one game on hold (checked). I have no option to remove this from my profile. What should I do? Username yoshitsune72



You should be able to turn vacation on and off in your settings. Are you saying that does not worked?

Also the counter for correspondence games is stopped during weekends, but it would say weekend not vacation below the username.

The other option is that the system has developed a consiousness and decided you need a break. :slight_smile: but with 0.18 games average per day it seems unlikely. (those are rookie numbers)

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Ahaha, alright thanks. I thought it could be changed from my profile but did not check the settings. Thanks a lot, that worked :slight_smile:


Aaah, classic:


Best series ever. And the funny part is that I work with devs everyday… I guess the cobbler’s children go barefoot