I am unable to make a move

The game shows that it is my turn but I can’t make a move.

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Did you try refreshing or accessing the game from another device? You may be accidentally in analyse mode?

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What does the 30,000th thread show up as? (I’m pretty sure you can search by just thread ID without knowing the name).
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It would also help to know exactly what “I can’t make a move” means.

Does it mean that when you mouse over the board, it doesn’t appear to be active?

(IE not showing your stone on your cursor)

Does it mean that you can click your stone on to the board, but you can’t press the submit button?

(if you are using submit button)

Does it mean that when you click on the board, it doesn’t cause a submit?

(If you have click to submit)

Does it mean that you can click to submit, but you get an error afterwards?

What exactly is the problem?


(The thread number is in the URL of the thread. Please no more OT comments).