I ask review. What had I to do for improve my score and win the game?

Pls help me. I lose the game without knowing why.

Thank u very much.

Maybe I don’t pay attention to the corners?

Right, you don’t pay enough attention to corners, or sides, or territory in general. In the end, you have a solid shape, but not enough points. In the meantime, your opponent is scoring big with C3-B4 and G7.

For example, what is the value of your move at G2? And aren’t C4-D4 wasted if you don’t follow up with B5?

You played better in the end, with C7-B8, but too late to catch up.

Interestingly, beginners often have the opposite bias, they tend to focus too much on territory. Maybe just slight changes (I am thinking about B5) could yield a much better result.

Thank u very much