I cannot see why White's group is dead. Can somebody explain?

Hi all I have a question about one of the exercises: https://online-go.com/puzzle/1424
Not sure what is the best way of asking my question. Relatively new here, so hoping this is fine.

Basically after playing Black-Q18, White-Q19, Black-N18, White-N17, Black-O17, the exercise tells you “Nice. The entire White group is dead! Can you see why?”

Nope, I cannot see why :slight_smile:

Would somebody be willing to have a look and explain?

If I were white, I’d play M18, and as black, I cannot see how I capture from there.

Thank you!


Note that when you do these problems the corners and colors are randomized, so asking about “white / black” or a particular coordinate won’t always make sense to others.

In the case of your problem, if the opposing color pushes through (M18 in your case), you simply descend to the first line (N19). Then you can’t be put in atari from either side, because of a shortage of liberties. That gives you enough time to kill. There’s a connect-and-die to your right and a snapback to your left.


Oh I see, thanks! That is so simple when pointed out, but I could not see it at all.

Also thanks for pointing out randomization of color and coordinates. What would it have been the best way to ask this? Should I have created a review?


Haha, yep screenshots! I think I may simply be a lil slow today.

Thank you all.

For what it’s worth, you can disable the randomization by the little arrow buttons. But yeah, screenshots :slight_smile:

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This is an example of the Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg shape.


Nice. There’s a name for everything. I heard Guo Juan refer to a related shape in a lecture once as “The Mouse Stealing Oil From a Bottle.”


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