I don't know how to paste a link


In may game history, you will see a game where a 3k got 9 stones against me, a 2k.



Not relevant. Thanks for trying. I want to create a link to my game and paste it. What you told me is not relevant.


You can select the url here


What’s you problem man?
Why are you always so annoying?


My time to ask everyone to keep it sweet please


Here’s the ‘Game Information’ but…

the crucial question is; How was it created. Custom, quickmatch or something I haven’t thought of?


I apologize to all of you for sending you on a wild-goose chase. After a game, my opponent asked for a rematch, and I clicked the button to create a rematch. (No game happened because my opponent did not accept the challenge.) Anyway, unknown to me, making a rematch challenge changes one’s default challenge. So, when I subsequently made a challenge, it had the wrong parameters.

I think it is kind of a bug for that to happen, but now that I know about it, I can avoid it.

This case has nothing to do with my original problem (although superficially it looked the same).
This topic can and should die a peaceful death.