I don't receive mail notifications for ladder challenges

First time I thought I missed it, but it’s the 2nd or 3rd time now. Combined with the notification sometimes not correctly showing games in which is my turn, I might time out and not even know it :cry:

Step 1. Check ‘Junk’ folder in case your email is incorrectly categorising OGS.

Step 2. Check that your email address is correct in settings (https://online-go.com/user/settings)

Step 3. Tick both these boxes:


I say both because I’m not sure. I suspect that the “Someone challenges me to a game” option is actually referring to private challenges, not ladder challenges.

Step 4. Let us know here how it goes. There have been issues with email notifications in the past so anything is possible.

My theory: you will receive emails only if you have no active browser tabs open to OGS.

If you have a tab open, then OGS assumes you know when a new game starts because it will show up in the “number of games requiring attention” indicator on all OGS screens.

I generally don’t get notifications of when it’s my move, etc. But a few weeks ago, I did get such an email. Weird? Then I get home to find out that my cable modem had froze, and the various tabs I had open lost connectivity to OGS during that time. Hence the notification.

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@Kosh, @dej

I receive notifications for my other games, except for moves played during the weekend, which is another problem I’ve also submitted, but no solution yet.

I always receive notifications for games started, I have not received for ladders specifically.

All technical stuff addressed above were checked before posting.

It seems ladder-specific, what can I say? :woman_shrugging:

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