I don't Understand

So today i was spectating some games, while watching I decided to look at their profiles. I noticed one of the players playing the exact same game but vs a bot, automatically knowing what he was doing without click on the bot game.

I just thought to myself why bother playing if you are just going to do stuff like that, looking at his match history it was a common thing he would use the bot to win and then after mark all the bots stones dead and end the game like that vs the bot.

I messaged the guy asking why he would bother doing this, with no response. Just thought i’d post this and ask your thoughts about it.


On a side note, what do you guys think about making it so the undo button works in bot games. If that is possible I find myself sometimes clicking the wrong spot and being screwed for the whole game. Also make it possible to undo even after the bot has played sometimes they play fast.

I don’t understand what you are saying. :slight_smile:
Is this person simply playing multiple games against a bot with the same moves every-time? Or is he playing against a bot and against a human with him being the same colour as the bot and copying the bots play against the human opponent? The former is not too bad I think, but the later could be problematic. As it is now, there aren’t many strong bots on the site, so I think copying their moves is a bad idea, but as a weaker player playing other weaker players is could be a viable way of cheating. If that is what this person was doing I would advise you to PM their username to a mod.

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Yes that is what he is doing, sorry for the poor wording. Just to clarify, for example

Him(Black) vs Player(White) while at the same time he is playing the same game Him(White) vs Bot(Black). So yes he was cheating,

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I think that not a very interesting way to play, but about the “cheating stuff” itself, they could also be playing an human (a stronger than bot level I mean) for the same result or possibly playing on another server (if they want to be a bit more “smart”).
So basically you have nothing to do against that.

About playing against such player, as we live in a world with sandbaggers, in my opinion this is the same thing. You have to be prepared for these persons and take it ligthtly. Even if the person wasn’t interesting him/herself, still there is surely something to learn from the game.

Eventually, I found replaying the same game against a bot is even worse than sandbagging, because that is not even your level, but a not evolving thing level.

Reporting in PM his/her pseudo seems quite a good idea. It is not because it is hard to catch people with a bad behavior, that we have to let them the easy life :slight_smile:

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I don’t get why he does this, he doesn’t get anything out of it, not money, not fun, not even improving at the game, it is just a waste of his time. He doesn’t even play, he just let’s the people play against the bot, so weird behaviour.


It must be the same rationale for inflatable dolls.


He gets nothing while the player being played against earns experience on the game. An account ban won’t help much though, he could just create another one, but it’s a start

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@HowToPlay: This clearly is cheating, and we’d like you to report such players/games to the OGS team whenever you notice such.

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The user in question has been contacted by us.

Please make sure to report any users that abuse our bots! :blush:


I agree - if someone was doing this to me, then I’m not sure I actually care. If he’s doing it all the time, then his rank will be accurate… and if it is, then I’m getting a game against a person of known strength.

I’m not a good enough player to notice ‘bot-like’ play, so I suppose I couldn’t even complain that there is some qualitative difference.

Is it honourable? Surely not. But is it anti-social? I am not sure.