I get "Player can't be challenged" after pressing the Challenge button in a ladder

For a specific player, I appear to be allowed to challenge them (they are blue and have an active challenge button) but when I press the challenge button and press the “yes, I really want to” button, then I get a 500 error telling me they can’t be challenged…

This is not universal, just one player so far.


Is it someone you recently played against? I can’t remember the message for that scenario.

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It is in fact someone I played recently, yes.

The message was a ‘500’, which generally means “The server wasn’t expecting this sort of thing to happen”.

Is this a “known scenario”? Is there some rate at which you are not allowed to challenge people again?


Yes but I can’t remember the details. Sorry.

[Edit] Here it is: Ladders · online-go/online-go.com Wiki · GitHub

Within 7days of finishing your previous game with them.