I have 10+ whites in a row

Something is very wrong with your algorithm. I have more than 10 whites against same rank opponents. ---- hnishy

Stronger player plays as white unless color is chosen as random.

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Then, you should make ‘random’ color selection as default, not ‘automatic’. Random selection is the globally accepted way of deciding colors in no-handicap games.

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I personally have no problems with the way it currently is. If you don’t like automatic colors then you can make games with random. No one is stopping you from doing so.

looking trough your match record,
you mostly play white against someone weaker,
i think this is normal,
I would like to have some day to have all my opponent force to take black :smile:
the option for you to choose your colour is just a click away,
i see no reason to accuse “Something is very wrong with your algorithm”.

No, you should choose random if that’s your need.


I don’t mind that random is not the default, but it is a big problem that selection “random” also selects “random” for handicap games.


Random does what random does. People should be wise enough not to have it selected in a handicap game, Just like they shouldn’t set themselves as black in a handicap game.

HowToPlay, there is nothing wise about it if I have to change it every time if I switch between handicap and non-handicap games. There is no reason that “random” should also change the default for a handicap game where it will never make sense.


This is only true if the rank doesn’t matter (e.g. you are playing a Swiss tournament) or with an opponent of the same rank. In friendly games, the weaker player is expected to take black, no matter if he plays with or without handicap. As a dan player, you were naturally given white against kyu players.

I am sure that you also play without komi out of respect for tradition.

The truth is that komi is irrelevant in such cases, as we are basically talking about teaching games. Just look at the results of the games the OP is referring to. Using komi and ranking such games only makes sense if the purpose is to adjust an incorrect rank (back to the first case in my reply). It’s about common sense more than tradition.

In my opinion, it makes even less sense to restrict someone to one color for teaching purposes. What is the common sense in training just one half of the opening?

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You have a point :slight_smile:
I’d say taking black gives the weaker player a chance to take the initiative and decide where the game is going, at least for a few moves, but it would make sense to also learn to deal with white. Tradition it is then :wink:

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