I just became a site supporter and wants to turn off the boasting features

Hey guys,

First, let it be known that I love this site and community and I only waited to become a supporter because I was dragging my feet. Now that I have a shiny name, I would like to turn all the showing off features off (name, orb, site supporter), as I prefer to be silent.

How can I do that?




I don’t think it’s possible at the moment. I’m not even sure it has been proposed before. There definitely was a talk about anonymous donations, but afaik those are not yet implemented either.

But there is nothing wrong with supporting OGS, is there? You don’t have to feel ashamed. :wink:


Before the v5 update, there was an option on the setting page to turn off this boastin’, but it’s not available now.
Maybe we should ping @anoek and he can arrange for the setting to come back some day.


Hey guys, thanks for your answers.

The reason behind this is 1) I don’t like how this currently looks (the highlights as a site supporter) 2) I don’t want to be flagged as anything by other users, only the games and discussions should speak for who I am, not my spending choices :stuck_out_tongue:

As a further suggestion @baelofoax, I would:

  • Try to give site supporters additional priviledges when they give more than a given threshold (for instance, free opt-in into classes with strong amateurs or professional players, or a site-supporter league with game reviews from strong players). The additional revenue would cover for the expenses of hosting those things + a profit to support site development
  • Enable other payments method: why not one-offs donations which would only remove advertisement for a few months? Why not Bitcoin payments? I would have become a supporter 6 months+ ago with Bitcoin

Amazing work anyways, keep it up. We need it to MAKE GO GREAT AGAIN!!!


@yoshitsune72 Thanks for the support! The lack of the ability to turn off the supporter colors was an oversight, I’ve added it to the todo list, I should be able to get to it early next week.


Your reasons are your own, you don’t need to justify to me. :slight_smile:

Other payment methods were being considered, iirc there were problems with the bitcoin processing service… I don’t know, I’m just a user.
I’m sure more privileges would attract more supporters, however hosting leagues and professional/strong amateur reviews/lectures takes more than technical framework, so it is a long-time in the future at best.

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That is indeed fine and true, but there is a tiny thing: since in v5 the vacation remaining for a user is private, site supporter status does give you a slight indication of how long you might have to wait for someone “on vacation” to eventually time out :stuck_out_tongue:

(OK, site supporters are less likely to behave this way, but unfortunately in the OGS population as a whole there are people who do.)

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For you it is boasting, for me, it is a very unobtrusive way to advertise supporting this site.


True. I don’t know to what extent this calls other to action though. Ok you guys convinced me so let’s keep it this way :wink:

Maybe a few aesthetical non-prioritized changes later on

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Don’t get me wrong, I am in favour of having the option to turn it off, I just want to call attention to the fact that it does serve a positive purpose all the same.


Workaround: Create an account you will not use for anything but making donations. Withdraw the contribution from Yoshi; that will turn off the bright lights. Make the contribution using your secret, anonymous donor account.

I support your modesty. Some people buy the shirts with little alligators on them because they like the shirt and some because they like the alligator.


But mah vacation!

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Any updates on this? I cannot find the ability to turn off my golden name, is it true that the option is not there? If so, maybe remove the sentence from the supporter page

Golden name! Your username will show up in gold (You can turn this off in settings if you want.)

I don’t mind if the option is not there, I’ll use a second account :slight_smile: but just to be clear.

I have seen supporters with the yellow orb and name deactivated so I’m sure the option is somewhere but as a currently non-supporter I can’t tell you where exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess devs forgot to put this when they updated the server to the last version. It was there on V4. @anoek am I right?

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Sorry @GoPirates, it kinda slipped off my radar, it came up the other day too again though, I’ll get that implemented today.


No problem at all! Thanks a lot for the quick responses, I’ll see when it’s done :slight_smile:

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OK it’s up, thanks for your patience and support!


I wasn’t even aware of my name in ‘gold’ I searched this forum when someone I’m playing a game with asked me ‘Why is your name orange?’ :wink:
It’s nice it can be disabled now, but I am leaving it as it is, to show others site supporters do exist.