I just noticed in the Conditional Move Planner that 'Cancel' is the same as 'Accept Conditional Moves'

I just noticed in the Conditional Move Planner that ‘Cancel’ is the same as ‘Accept Conditional Moves’. There should be some difference since they are 2 different buttons, but I cannot detect a functional difference.

They do have different functions

Could it be that you accepted already some moves before? In that case cancel doesn’t delete those.
For that you’d have to first click the ‘x’ beside the moves to delete them and then click accept


This is a bit tricky.

Accept Conditional Moves will record whatever conditional moves are in the planner at that moment. Cancel will not. However, neither of them change the contents of the UI box! In fact Cancel just closes the box with no other effects.

There’s no way to see what conditional moves are planned without reloading that game, so reload the page and open the conditional moves box to see what the server has actually recorded to do.


I have to correct myself. The cancel button does indeed confirm conditional moves. Will add a description in GitHub to open an issue to get this fixed

Edit: here’s the new issue: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/46


According to the test I just did, the cancel button still works “correctly”, in that it closes the conditional move box without recording the conditional moves - if you reload the page, you’ll get the old, not new, conditional moves.

You have to reload the page or switch away from and back to the game to see what it’s doing.

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