I need to look a a private conversation I had today that I closed

I don’t know how to open a private conversation I already did with someone that I had to close to chat in a game with someone else, what is the way to access recent private messages? I know up to 50 lines are stored, for up to X amount of time, but is there a way to access a closed private conversation

Open the message window (click on the person’s nickname > message). If it’s there, it’s there.

But I closed that message window, how do I get it back?
Sorry if I was not clear, but I needed to close them to be able to write messages, as I had 2 of them minimized , obstructing the view

If you don’t know WHO messaged you, well, tough luck. If it was important, I suppose that person will get back to you at some point.

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fair enough I suppose, I never saw a website not allowing to see private messages somewhere before now
Thanks for the quick response!

They’re not stored indefinitely either, the private messages get deleted after a few days.

there is no point in them even being stored for me if I can t get them back without knowing the username of the person in my case

I’ve had the same problem in the past. I occasionally get contacted by someone I’ve never heard of while I’m trying to use in-game chat. It’s awkward. I can offer the following solution for future reference:

  1. Quickly open the private chat window (as you probably did) just to see if it’s junk, important or possible to reply quickly.
  2. If you wish to deal with it later and don’t trust yourself to remember their name, try opening the current game in a new window either by just pasting the URL into a new window or by any other means.
  3. Continue your game (with in-game chat) in the new window. Note: closing a private chat message in one window won’t close it in the other(s).
  4. When your ready, return to the original window where the private chat window will still be there as a reminder.

ps. Sorry I don’t have a way to help with the past case.

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Actually, you can just drag and drop the private chat window anywhere you want

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Yes it’s true that the open private message can be dragged anywhere but if it’s minimised, then you can’t move it off the in-game chat without opening or closing it.

I have sometimes had private chat windows vanish when I tried to move them in such a way that I could not re-open them without closing the whole window but I am glad to say that I can’t duplicate the problem today. :slight_smile:

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Do you think that you could find out what conversations a person has and share that with them with front end code only? I’d assumed some new server support would be needed, but I admit I haven’t properly explored the existing API.

All chat messages trigger Chrome notifications, including content, so I’m sure it’s possible to listen for the event and store the chat somewhere, possibly as a local cookie or something?

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