I want to change my rank

For the last few weeks I’ve felt like my ranking was too high, but I think I can’t change it on my own anymore. I am currently 18k and I think I am as good as 21-19k (probably 20k would be the most accurate). I’ve come to this conclusion by playing against 16-18k people. I increased a lot my rank by winning some tournament matches against weaker players, and I think it was too much.

Uhm, @legas, I’m just another plain user … but, looking at your recent game history, it seems you’re doing just fine, winning a few games against 18k and even against a 16k and a 15k, losing against a 21k … looks quite balanced to me.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your rank, play on … enjoy … get in the flow … the system will work it out alright :smile:

Cordially, Tom


You think so? That’s great, thanks

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