I want to play my bots on OGS


I am a new user of OGS.
And I’m developing a go bot program, and I want to watch my bot play in OGS.
But I do not know what to do to register the bot.
I read the forum on the asking moderator to change the bots flag, but I do not know how to contact him.
So instead I asked to register as an answer to the welcome message, but I did not receive a response.
So I write here. Could you please tell me how to play my bots on OGS?


You can pop into chat and see if anyone with a hammer symbol next to their name (purple name on user list) is around. Any mod can set your account as a bot account. You’ll also need a personal non-bot account so you can be the admin of the account and get the API key needed for gtp2ogs. Hope that helps a bit.


I have not found a way to participate in the chat.
I think OGS site is too hard to use.
It is too difficult to register the bot.
I was able to communicate by e-mail in KGS, but I do not know where to write in OGS.


@ngo moderator here! Just PM’ed you on the site :slight_smile:


@mlopezviedma Nice to meet you!
Can you register the following bot IDs as bots? +_+
ngo, ngo1, ngo2, ngo3

The bot introduction is at the link below.


I also need an admin account for those bots. This is, a non-bot account that you’ll use to control them.


@mlopezviedma bot account : ngo1, ngo2, ngo3
admin account for bots : ngo

thx. : )