I want to play with Aqua Bot. but

I want to paly with Aqua Bot.
but Aquabot does not accept it.
How do I create a professional ID?

if you are a professional player, you can contact one of the moderators (moderator list) to get an account displaying the pro rank.

As to why Aquabot refused the match, there might be several reasons (either rank too low or unacceptable game settings for the bot). An idea might be to play ranked games against lower ranked bots, and your rank should quickly increase if there is a win streak.

To find out which restrictions on game settings a bot will accept it should be listed in the bots profile. (i.e. AquaBot). To play ranked, your rank must be within 9 stones of your opponents. All accounts start at 12.3k.

Hope you find a suitable solution ^^

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I think he does that to prevent incoming requests. Now that he upgraded his gtp2ogs hopefully he will use --hidden and --rejectnew now. Hidden prevents it from showing in computer vs dropdown list.

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