IA analysis in revision mode

Hi, i am a new supporter for OGS. I’m really appreciating the automatic analysis of games but it seems that IA analysis is not available in Demo Goban/Revision. Maybe i’m not aware how to activate it?
It seems strange that IA analysis is off in revision mode. It would really help to play some variations.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:


Yeah, it doesnt work for normal demo boards for some reason.

But you can upload game records into your SGF library (under ‘tools’ on top bar) and then run the katas analysis on them.


For the folks (like me) who haven’t heard of revision mode, here are the site translations:

Demo Board => Goban demo
Review => Revisione
AI => Intelligenza Artificiale (IA)


I do like this: open a random game I played, and create my variations on the board, withouth any connection with the game. Seems a bit artificial, but it works. However is strange that a very well organised site like OGS hasn’t think of an AI running on an empty goban.

I mean it makes sense to be able to analyse the games you’ve played once they’re over.

I imagine you appreciate the issue of being able to easily analyse games that are ongoing on a Go server?

Edit: that said I don’t know exactly why it isn’t an option, and it would be useful sure, but on the other hand, the consideration above.