Iberian Simultaneous McMahon?

Can we have a tournament set up like the sensei’s library shows the Ibero-American tournament McMahon bars?


7d - 1d
3 McMahon points

1k - 6k
2 McMahon points

7k - 13k
1 McMahon points

14k - 20k
0 McMahon points

I also like the idea of being able to add oneTenth of a point based on rating difference.

What is cooking in the kitchen right now?

That looks interesting, but then there would be too big difference between N kyu and N-1 kyu where N is 14, 7, or 1. Why not set McMahon points like 20k - 0 19 - 0.2 18k - 0.4 etc.?

McMahon bands of 10 ranks each… We can call it “OGS McMahon.” :slight_smile:


7d, 3.9
6d, 3.8
5d, 3.7
4d, 3.6
3d, 3.5
2d, 3.4
1d, 3.3
1k, 3.2
2k, 3.1
3k, 3.0


4k, 2.9
5k, 2.8
6k, 2.7
7k, 2.6
8k, 2.5
9k, 2.4
10k, 2.3
11k, 2.2
12k, 2.1
13k, 2.0


14k 1.9
15k 1.8
16k 1.7
17k 1.6
18k 1.5
19k 1.4
20k 1.3
21k 1.2
22k 1.1
23k 1.0

Everyone beyond this point has zero points.

Bands of 10…

– Allow strong Kyu players to face off against the Dans and possibly get a “Dan killer” award (if the developers ever comment on how they feel about the awards thread.)

– Same for double digit Kyu players trying to become SDK.

– Reasonably allows for beginners to get into competitive tournaments.

– We use base 10 numbers and cannot make the bands any wider anyway.

McMahon was invented from a misunderstanding according to the article meaning that there is still room to make it right. I think this looks clearer.

What concerned me is that the initial points feel like they should go the other way around to give the weaker players a chance to get deeper into the tournament and expect the stronger players to win in spite of the initial points.

I’m pretty sure you have the most experience in OGS tournament directing.

Do you find people bailing out after a couple of rounds because they have not only a low rank but a boat anchor for initial points?

Do you think it would be easier on tournament directors to award people winning their bands as well as overall?

I’ve got the feeling your proposed system breaks hard.
While in regular McMahon your games becoming harder for each win, in your system the games will be sure loses after the first round.

Imagine an equally distributed tournament setting with some players for each rank.
Both systems behave the same for the initial games, however, after one round half the players will be promoted to a higher band.
For normal MacMahon between the two bars the rank difference is 1 stone in each band, for your system the difference is 10 stones exactly(!) — and this is where the problem rises: An 1–0 14k (let’s call him Adrian) will either play another 1–0 14k or a 0–1 4k. Everything between 13k and 3k is either in a lower band (0–1) or in a higher one (1–0), however, those are much more appropriate opponents. With a pretty big equally distributed player base Adrian might never play them, though. Instead after a second win he will either face another 2 win 14k, an 1 win 4k or an 0 win 7d.
Swiss sounds better.

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