If you haven't seen go-academy.eu

You should definitely go there now. You can request game reviews from stronger players and they recently added a direct import from OGS!


Isn’t this just like GoKibitz?

They are slightly different. go-academy is much more like the old teaching ladder. You submit a game and a single person at a higher rank will claim it and produce a review.

It may interest people to know that this site is still up and running, although the community appears to be fairly dead with only three games reviewed this year.

Advantages over GoKibitz:

  1. No comment display lag

  2. Option to upload reviews as videos

I know some people do complain about the former, so those people might want to take another look at this site. Like on GoKibitz, the comment display ends up being move-by-move.

As croco said, as a site model it looks a lot like a faithful organisation of the teaching ladder format.

Personally, one thing I like a lot about GoKibitz is that each move can have not only the reviewer’s comments but responses by the reviewee and discussion by third parties; but I can understand that not everyone is attached to that functionality.

At this point, instead of just posting a game there for review, one is probably best advised to stir the pot for a little while with an OGS thread first.

That said, spambots have apparently become very active on the site, to the point where it seems to be unworkable unless the admin takes some action.

If someone knows him personally then they could drop him a line, but otherwise…

TL;DR the site itself looks to still be working fine but the community needs improvement. I’m quite happy with GoKibitz so that project isn’t for me, but the best of luck to anyone wanting to embark on it.

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