I'm 23k playing 14k Can you give me some pointers for this game?

This is my first game on the big board!

A lot of the mistakes you make are the same ones I make at 15kyu/14kyu - honestly the best advice is to play more games on the big board you will get better at reading then and see bad moves like 17 straight away

Play more movies one (or more) spaces away this will give you better defence agains raids…

hi, think before you move, count liberties, and check likely replies. this helps, but it is difficult to play well.

Just wanted to make a few remarks:

  • Don’t play so overconcentrated. If you’re not in immediate danger (this is sometimes very hard to judge even for strong players) and there is a large empty area of the board, then start ocupying that area. Move 35 might be an example: black and white positions are now very solid and stable each, no danger at all, good time to play on the large empty left area, or even better on the large empty bottom area, something near K4 would create a huge mojo on the bottom at this point. Notice for example that in the final position, white conquered both of these empty areas, the bottom one and the left one. If black had started claiming one of those with move 35, it would have been harder for white.
  • Stay alert for cuts, and don’t allow your groups to be disconnected unless you’re sure you want that. Many of your large groups would have been connected, but you allowed them to be easily cut (white 96 threatens to cut on the next move if black does nothing, and since black did not defend there, white cut on the next move, creating a black weak group which would have been super strong if connected to the upper group) , creating various weak separate groups which white then attacked (and even killed).
  • There’s a particularly interesting move in white 238. White 238 is a mistake: white should have played something else, G6 for example is good, but by playing H6, white enables black F6. Black did not see it unfortunately, but playing F6 in place of black’s 239, he quickly connects the large black group in the middle, making it live. Even when black passes on move 265, this huge weakness is still there for him to take, and that’s why white defends there after black passes (he should have defended much sooner). It’s not enough to change the end result but it is a very interesting difference to point out.
  • Do not attach to weaker stones http://senseis.xmp.net/?DontAttachWhenAttacking