I'm looking for a teacher, pay as well

Hello everybody.

I come from Switzerland.
I play GO for about 1.5 years.
I am an 8Kyu player (21 years old) who is looking for a teacher!
I would love to analyze games. Also like to play games together. Looking for a motivated person who would have Friday evening time … (~ 19: 00-22-00) We could also set the times together.
Ideal would be a person who speaks German. But English is fine too, I’m learning it. I would be willing to pay 5 € per hour if the lessons are instructive;)
I am looking forward to your answer:)

Write me directly on OGS! Username ramon123171

Kind regards

Hi Ramon,

maybe not exactly what you are looking for but maybe some alternatives without having to pay money:

https://openstudyroom.org is a community that runs a own Go-league with games that are usually reviewed afterwards. Also has a fairly active discord channel and quite a few German speakers (me included).

https://gokibitz.com is great for when you just want to get some input on some game you played. Usually not quite as detailed as a full review but users point out where they see big mistakes and show up alternatives.


Hey, while I would not want to steal anyone’s opportunity to earn some buck, if you are really serious about it and willing to compensate financially, I would maybe consider paying a pro to do it :slight_smile: you know they are skilled and acustomed to teaching. And IIRC the prices are usually not that far from what you offered.

Here are some ideas: https://openstudyroom.org/teachers/ or you can maybe ask directly at OSR as they are in contact with several “pro” teachers and would probably know more.


I don’t know much about the online go teaching (for pay) scene, but I remembered that BenGoZen (a well-known go blogger) had recommended one teacher in particular:


Note: BenGoZen’s blog post is kind of old (from 2014) and mentions a special introductory price that was available at that time. It does not appear that that special deal is available anymore.

Hwang Inseong is seriously one of the best teachers in the world. Very clear, informative, and creates a great community.

Here is the link:

Not to advertise, but as far as non-pro-but-strong-ama scheduled teaching games go, they’re hardly ever less than ~15 eur (~ $17) per hour (e.g. Cornel Burzo). Pro lessons from an English-speaking pro are quite expensive. Dinerchtein asks about 30eur ($35) per game and Guo Juan’s going rate is 50eur ($55) per hour.

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hmmm my apologies if I was that far off (laziness to google got the better of me)

I recall krnzmb doing teaching games for 10 dollars and eyballed it from there, but it really does not seem to be the norm.

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Do you happen to know/have you used the “Spectator” tier? I’m interested in the league, but am asleep during both the European and North American times.

A steady supply of game reviews every month as well as homework and such would be a great help, I think. The prices seem pretty reasonable as well.

Unfortunately I haven’t actually used him myself. So I’m not familiar with the efficacy of the Spectator tier. But he posts a lot of really terrific videos that you would have access to with that tier. However, my friends who are members have seen market improvements thanks to the targeted feedback they get from playing serious ladder games and getting them reviewed.

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Cornel and kz are both excellent teachers.

check them out :slight_smile: