I'm offering a teaching game RIGHT NOW!

I’ll be glad to offer a teaching game to anyone who’s interested and online now, i’m about 8 - 9 k here but 3-4k on KGS… :wink:
feel free to contact me.


If the offer still stands, I’d been interested in a teaching game :slight_smile: . I’m 17 kyu right now. When do you have time?

Hi, i can be ready in a few minutes, for a few hours. hope you’ll read this message an get online soon.


I’d be interested in watching or participating in a teaching game. I’m 21k and I feel like I keep making a lot of small mistakes that add up, I definitely have a lot to improve on.

Seems hard to make a live game due to my chaotic schedule… let’s try a correspondance one… just challenge me and let’s go !

can I have one

Hey, I’m interested in a teaching game. Would a correspondence game be alright? :slight_smile: I’m currently 11-13k, my rank is kind of inconsistent but it always stays within that range.

Thanks in advance!

I am new to the game currently 25k and if you have time i would love to have a teaching game (:
If you will pleas contact me