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I don’t know where to post this.

Billy Bat by Naoki Urasawa


Here: Playing Go in Books


At first I tought so, but in this thread there are few comics while in the other one there aren’t: just books.
Maybe we could change the thread title (we have the powah!) and repost there.
Or maybe create a new one…


“Playing Go in print media”.


I’ve changed the title of that other thread … OK this way?


That said, I got my copy of Saturn Run. I hope it’s good @trohde . ;D


Let us know how you like it, pls :slight_smile:


I just saw that I can get it from my library. So it’s now high on my to read list.


Back on topic:

AlphaGo Zero learning process for the first 72 hours:


I got excited when I saw this in a Mathologer video… sadly just a coincidental goban lookalike it seems :frowning:


Cool! What’s the source of that?


The most original of sources, of course





Even the pool base is a grid


Who needs a board?
They could play with giant stones!


My idea of a vacation :smiley:

Don’t obsess about the actual board position too much - they were beginners :slight_smile: - it was unpredictable at times, but beautiful nontheless.


@Misjamig that poor board though :frowning:


It looks like they have to hold the board for it to not float to the surface… It even wants to escape :stuck_out_tongue:

Underwater chess is a thing though, without the diving gear, where your time limit is however long you can stay underwater.

Perhaps underwater go can make the breathing technique thread relevant!


could do the same with 9x9 blitz go lol but you’d want a non-wood board