Immediate challenge cancellation

It seems like there’s been another influx of new players, and I’m having a lot of challenges immediately accepted and then canceled again. I wonder if there might be some UI changes that could help this. For example:

  • If a player is new, or almost always plays live games, and accepts a correspondence game, prompt for confirmation.
  • Maintain some sort of “challenge karma” wherein if a user accepts challenges and then annuls the game immediately this karma is docked. Allow open challenges to require a particular level of karma.
  • If a player posting a challenge has had a game recently canceled thus, ask for extra confirmation when their challenge is accepted.

It’s not a huge deal to re-post challenges, but it is annoying.

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That’s for sure. Thanks for the ideas! :sunny:

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I always prefered the kgs challenge acceptation system: when a player picks up an open challenge, the player who posted it has to accept the opponent for the game to start, there’s even a small chat window allowing players to discuss terms of the game, etc

I’d like ogs to do the same, to me it’s annoying not to have the choice to re-confirm the beginning of the game, when I post a challenge: first it feels like it can begin at any time, then you can’t refuse your opponent if you you don’t want to play with him


If a user accepts a challenge and then annuls immediately, this is usually due to the moving list of open challenges where it is easy to click the wrong one and if you are new you might not know to double-check in the window.

I oppose the idea that you pose an open challenge where you already chose the exact parameters and then you want to refuse your opponents who accepted your parameters.

However, I agree that it is not nice to wait several minutes for a game and then having to start immediately. Perhaps the “blue time” could also be available for the first move of white?

Anyway, I prefer people who cancel immediately, I just had an opponent who cancelled after 5 moves on a 9x9- board which seems more related to avoiding a loss.

I just got 6 cancellations in the last 48 hours out of +/- 12 sent challenges.

What does “xxx wins by cancellation” mean? Is my rank affected ?
And, yes, I also think something might be done: on UI or workflow and maybe implement penalties for the player who cancels but still I don’t see it like something obvious: I mean players should mutually agree on game cancellation otherwise it’s resignation.
I believe we all agree it’s no so painful to have to recreate a challenge. Although, sorry for the comparison, it’s never a big deal to delete a spam email but we all prefer not to have received it…
So, it’s not to hard to recreate the challenge but we would prefer the player who accepts it is really willing to play it and doesn’t cancel it at no cost (for him!).
On the other hand, mistake is human, I guess in case I click on Accept by error, I’d be happy to be able to cancel it, but not because I was too lazy to fully read the challenge details.

Any opinion on that?


Hello Arnaud,

If an NxN game is cancelled within N moves, it does not count, i.e. nobody’s rank is affected.
Example: 9x9 game is cancelled within 9 moves, no penalty for the person who cancels. If however they cancel from the 10th move on, it counts as a resignation.

I’d tend to disagree because currently not all game parameters are visible in a challenge.

19 turns seems like a long time to put effort into a game only to have someone bail :frowning:

I wonder if 9 turns should be the limit no matter what.

I can’t really actually see the logic of being allowed to bail out after the first few moves. Why is it allowed?