Improvement for dark theme

This is a small non-priority suggestion for the dark theme both here in the forum and in the OGS main site.
In the forum the logo has super low contrast when using dark theme. I thought of some options:

1- current logo in dark theme
2- white font (like in the OGS main site)
3- added a “glare” effect so the black part of the bi-stone is more visible
4- glare to everything so we can keep the dark font :man_shrugging:

Similarly, in the main site the black part of the logo is barely visible with the dak theme…which can be improved, but that is not that bad for me


… does it not already show up that way?

Also TIL forums have dark theme! :grinning:


Not to me… weird!

I guess it’s my configuration, then… I’m using Firefox 86 with dark theme enable on Ubuntu 20.4 (with yaru-dark theme) :man_shrugging:
(In firefox mobil I see it black as well)

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I’m using Samsung browser on my phone.
The phone is in dark mode, OGS in light mode, but the result is dark and the logo looks exactly like in the OP.

I actually don’t mind, but maybe something similar is happening to @n0w3l.

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I think it’s a firefox thing. In Chromium in the computer and in Chrome in android it looks correct (like @benjito shows)



<img src="" alt="Online Go Forum" id="site-logo" class="logo-big">


#site-logo {
    content: url( !important;

Seems like Firefox does not like overriding “src” attribute of “img” tag using CSS. If I remove “src” attribute and leave only CSS, looks good in Firefox.