In search of a Dan level instructor


I am looking for a Dan Level instructor to play and review with 3 days a week for up to 3 hours each day. If anyone is willing to instruct I would appreciate the time. If anyone knows a great place online to purchase lessons I would appreciate that as well.


If I remember correctly, you just started to play Baduk a week or two ago.

I would strongly suggest playing your 50-80 games versus someone equal to your rank first, before requesting help or tutoring.

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Hi there.

I would recommend yourself the Basic Step-by-Step Lessons at
They are as cheap as 1€ per lesson, really useful for beginners and DDKs and if you like the style you can purchase many more advanced lessons on this site.

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I am professional go coach (25 years work as go teacher). I have sports document “Goach go hight category” . My pupil Maria Zakharchenko become pro - in 2013 she have a Diplom pro from Korean Baduk Assotiation. Please contact me: plushch@ meta. ua Our site

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