Interest in finding a teacher

I just want to improve myself but not quickly. I am playing 10 games at least per day. But i think i am still at same place. I am watching video’s to learn much more. But i want to find a mentor for more. I want to learn deeper. Thanks.

I’d be happy to play some correspondence teaching games with you. If you’re interested, send me a challenge on OGS.

thanks GOkyle, but i couldnt do that. how will i do? i tried every button at OGS.

Generally, you can find most things using the search bar that is in the top left (click on the three bar “this is a menu” icon next to the OGS icon).

I typed GOkyle’s name in there and found this account:

Then you can click on their name to get the popup that has a “challenge” button on it.

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