Interface to full AI review unclear

The interface to the full AI review is still unclear to me.
It is not clear to me whether the review is according to Leela or KataGo. Neither do I understand whether a new review is made or an existing review selected.

After completing a game I bar with the winning rate and left of it a roman numeral I of II in a circle all in golden. Right of the winning rate there is a V sign to open a drop down box. When I click on this V sign I get e.g. the following:

I don’t understand why two entries have the number roman one. Does the blue background mean that this is the currently selected one? What happens when I press the +KataGo or +Leela Zero button?
Left of the winrate there is a roman numeral one, but I have two entries below it with the same number, so how do I know which one is selected?
This is all very unclear to me, but maybe I am the only one.

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The Roman numbers display the level of review strength: the higher the number, the more playouts the AI has done. Then, there’s two AI that are being used, KataGo and LeelaZero. Both are very strong, but they may have differing opinions. The amount of support you give determines if you have access to the higher levels of review strength (see also Play Go at! | OGS )

I think the two buttons are there for if one of the bots is run automatically, but not the other one yet; you could request the other bot to evaluate as well.


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