Intermittent email validation problem

I get this screen on occasion (maybe 10% of the time?) when I first open the page. My email was verified years ago…

I’m running MacOS 10.14.4, Safari 12.1 with no extensions.

Note that my avatar image is in the upper right, but not in the box on the page. Also, my name is listed as “Guest”. It’s also missing the badge that shows how many games I have to move in although all my active games are listed on the rest of the page, and my tournament and ladder participation all shows up.

Basic troubleshooting suggestion here:

  1. Have you tried using a separate browser, to confirm the problem persists no matter how you access the site. (helps confirm the problem lies with your OGS account and not your browser somehow)

  2. Have you tried cleaning the OGS specific site data (cache, cookies, saved forms) in Safari?

I have tried a different computer (same OS and Safari version) and saw the problem there as well. A simple reload of the page clears the problem so I haven’t investigated further.

It doesn’t happen often and when it happens I just reload the page and it goes away so I’m not worried about it. I just figured I would call attention to it.

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This exact thing just happened to me. I was using OGS, closed the OGS tab, and did some surfing. I went into Chrome and told it to delete the last hour of activity.

I opened a new tab, loaded up OGS, and I had the exact experience that @danielt1263 described in his first and second posts. Upon refreshing the page, all went back to normal. Note that I stayed logged into the site the entire time.

So this definitely seems to point to a browser site data issue. You are not alone danielt1263! Hope this is helpful to someone :wink: