I’m sorry to ask so many questions. Occasionally, I receive challenge msgs . I am asked to click in a link (this is iin my email addy) . When I get to OGS… I am unable to find the person. Where do i go to find the challenger? Thank you

When you arrive at OGS, there should be a notification waiting for you in the top right of the page.

In the very top right, next to the picture of you, there would be a blue circle with a number in it, telling you how many notifications you have.

When you click on that, it opens up to tell you what they are.

Don’t worry about asking questions, we all did it when we first started out. Despite OGS being the best interface for a go server, it is still really confusing(you should see the other ones) :slight_smile:

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right. I remember clicking there in the past. Now I dont see it. Hence, the person probably removed the invite, then.

Thank you

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Another thing to be aware of is if you close a notification there is no way to get it back.

I have never rejected an invite. Thanks for letting me know.