Invite friends who aren't already users

Does this site have a mechanism for inviting users by email address or we’re just doing that manually offline? allows you to put in someone’s email address to invite them to become a member but I can seem to find such a function with

Sorry but no, we don’t have.

Wellcome at OGS, hope you enjoy your stay. Inviting non members would indeed be a nice new feature for OGS.
There is a work around.

  1. send your friends a mail with following link how to sign up at OGS
  2. ask your friends to sign up and exchange their usernames with you.
  3. send them a challenge and play.

Games between / against guests is a requested feature.

Then again, I wonder whether that would present too big a modding issue… it’d have to be trialled, if we ever got it working. Perhaps only between user and guest at first, not guest vs guest.


Honestly, I’d skip 1, and just send them a to the main page!

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I went for the idiot proof version :slight_smile:, but yes, you certainly have a point.

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Well it’s kinda ridiculous without…