Invited to a non existing group?

Hi, I’ve just received an email with the following text

You have been invited to join the group Go Game for European beginners (25-15k)
Visit to accept or reject this request.

now, I followed the link but the group is not listed, how it is possible? I’m quite sure I did something wrong but I don’t know where to start to figure it out



I guess it’s this one? :slight_smile:

I think there should also be a link in the upper right notification although am not a 100% sure right now.

Btw I just used the upper right search bar. We have a lot of groups and not all fit to the first page :slight_smile:
But I think you should have gotten a direct link in the e-mail as well, which otherwise is kind of weird, it would only direct you to the general group page…

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yes, I got a link to the groups page but not the direct link
There, I tried using the search bar with the term “European” (‘E’ and ‘e’, both cases) and got only two results: “European Weekly Cup” and “European Student Go Team League”

thank you!


I got an invitation to some group once, too. And it didn’t exist, either (at least the link didn’t work). Don’t recall the name, but Wiccan also received the invite, and for him it also didn’t work. Maybe a bug.

hmmm, I will add it to the list :smiley: