iPad mini crashes

i just bought an ipad mini and tried to play but the browser keeps crashing. i tried both safari and chrome and it crashes on both. the main screen tries to load but then the browser just closes. i played on my old ipad and everything works fine. anyone know/experienced same problem? is it the mini?

Hiya, I’ve been using an iPad mini for over six months now and haven’t had the problems you describe. I use safari, and OGS comes up ok. I lose the connection from time to time, but I don’t think that’s an ipad problem. I’m not techie enough to suggest any reason why you are having difficulty though

thanks. i think it’s timing out because once i get into the game board it runs fine. it’s just the main page.

The ipad 2 also crashes now but worked fine for a long time. I think I updated iOS recently which may have triggered it. There weren’t any other installations between it working and not.