IPhone interface

I’d like to be able to shrink the board a bit in the analysis mode. Now it’s a bit too big to see the entire board and the arrows underneath.

I see the same problem when doing a review session. I see a better solution than shrinking the board. How about having some way to decrease the number of blank lines between the board and the arrow icons? For example there’s a lot of white space between the board and the word “Review”. Not much of that would have to go to make Review much more feasible on this tiny screen.

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Can you try on the beta site and let me know how it looks there? It’s changed a bit, but I’m not sure if it’ll be for the better or not. Let me know.

If possible, a screenshot goes a long way in helping me know how much things need to be shrunk down or shifted around too :slight_smile: (only bother with screenshots of the beta though, that’ll be the “active” code base very soon)

will do.

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I haven’t tried the beta either, but this is a bugbear when using the iPhone. Whenever using the analysis mode it’s always been a choice between seeing the buttons to navigate through a game or seeing the top of the board!

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I want to get a screen shot of the iPhone in the analysis mode, but I am a provisional player at the beta site. How can I quickly get a 19X19 game to analyze?

@pstraus Put up a challenge and I will accept it. We can cancel after you get your image in you would like.

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A 19X19 challenge awaits you.

This is fine on my iPhone. Much better than on the regular OGS. Beta is better!


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I like the interface on the iphone but the green button for games where i have to play doesn’t work and safari crashed often … any plan for an app?

How do you get OGS on an iphone? I’ve tried searching for an app, but I cannot find it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Thetorndollar,

at the moment the App is in Beta, because matburt has a lot of stuff to do first. (Fixing bugs, etc.) :smiley:

Once all the bugs of the new site update have been finished and fixed, I am sure the development of the OGS App will start again!

i play OGS via the safari browser. It okay via browser because of the responsive design but now it crashes again.

I wait for the iOS app then its perfekt :smiley: