Irritating opponents - is there a solution?

When both player passes, the game goes to estimated score zone and if both accepts, the game ends. Usually, the estimated score is the correct estimation so I guess there is no question about that. Unfortunately it happened many times that my opponent is losing on the score but as soon as we go to the score estimation zone, he turns some corners to opposite colors(which gives him a win) and accepts, and no matter how many times I ‘auto score’ and accept, they repeat and I can’t do anything. If I ‘cancel and resume game’, it is either their move or mine. If it is their move, they pass and if it is mine, why should I make an extra move to make my score less?

Is there any way to force the auto score when the opponent is making such troubles? Because otherwise I play a nice game of Go and then the opponent ruins the mood, now I have to deal with these irritating behaviours.


Yeah, that kinda behavior is both irritating, rude, and against the rules of OGS. I recommend that you first tell your opponent why is his/her group dead (or why yours is alive) and then call a moderator from right side panel.

Note that if your opponent is low-rated, he/she doesnt maybe even see that the group is dead. Espesially if the group in question has 1 eye and 1 false eye or something like that, there is good change that players below 20k cant see why their group is dead.


Please report such cases to the moderators. Ultimately, that’s only thing you can do against a determined score cheater or troll. Not reporting such cases just allows the offender to continue misbehaving against others.


I think nobody mentioned it: in the game, the “Call moderator” button is in the menu at the right.
After you called the moderator, I think you can just go away. The moderator will put the correct result.


If you happen to have such an experience and in the end ‘lose’ the troll battle and got stuck with a wrongly scored game, you should also call a moderator, who can annul the game for you.

In general it never hurts to call a moderator when you have a bad experience.


But first I think you should just tell them to stop(a warning before you report)then if he is still like this report him.Also maybe show them in a review of the game and if it isn’t available use a demo board to show them why that group is dead.Also if the timer runs out it just auto scores the whole entire game. @S_Alexander it takes time to improve and some people improve very quickly and others improve slowly.
Also if you call a moderator the moderator wouldn’t ban you or block you(replying to Vsovep’s post.

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It’s actually more helpful to report them straight away, instead of only asking them to stop. The earlier we can come to the rescue, the better, and even score cheaters who stop after you ask them are score cheaters and should get some advice to prevent it from happening again. Not reporting them will result in them staying under the radar for longer.

Why would you even think this would be the case?

Umm... Sorry?

Welcome Vsotvep, new moderator!


Tell them, call the moderator and refuse to play with them ever again.


Just pass again then if they pass it goes to score and then if you cancel it’s their turn to play a move. Or if they pass then just repeat until they gave up. I’m sure if you have the patience to play to the end you can outlast them on this little game of you pass I pass. Bonus points for striking up a relaxing conversation.


Nah - that’s not actually preferrable. As has been said, it is preferrable to actually report it - after possibly trying to sort it in chat - so this bad behaviour can be weeded out.