Is black really winning?

Black resigns after top left corner killed. But AI analysis says black is at 60% winrate.

I really don’t see it.

Can someone help?


I have no idea but is it to do with how many liberties the dead black group still has? About 11 or 12 or something. Maybe possible to use the fact of it taking quite a while to actually kill to annoy white on the outside for some kind of profit?
Obvs I’m speculating from a position of almost complete ignorance!

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The AI got it wrong. Its suggested continuation involves a ladder, and it’s famously bad at ladders. It put in just shy of the playouts needed to judge it accurately.


I think it’s the top right group. It thinks ilblack can kill it. With the low playout count (250) it probably doesn’t get enough playouts to account for the not working ladder. The main variations there are black playing the ladder to the obvious end, without obvious advantage for playing the ladder.

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I kicked off a stronger AI review and it changed its opinion to over 80% for white :slight_smile:


Ok, many times it is difficult to understand AI analysis and I was afraid stronger AI may be more confusing to me. Now you convince me to upgrade. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: