Is it acceptable to revive ( or post after a week of inactivity ) a topic?

After seeing a person (who shall remain anonymous) posting on several topics after a few weeks or even a month, I want to know what is acceptable and what is not. I also want to know what can be considered necroning.


There’s no hard line, it’s up to mod discretion. We like to keep topical conversations grouped so if something new can be added to an old discussion that can sometimes be better than lots of threads repeating the same information.

Usually the main question you want to ask yourself before you necro a thread is “does commenting on this thread add anything of value to the discussion or the community?”

However, having said that, a month isn’t really long enough to consider it a necro anyway… Any necro would want to be at least a few months old before it’d possibly raise an eyebrow around these parts


Oh ok! :relaxed:

Below 1 month, I consider the thread as active. If it doesn’t go too of topic it’s ok.
Below 3 month it should contribute to the thread. (I would have deleted most of the post you are talking about, especially if many topics get necroticed that way)
Longer than 3 months, it should really contribute something new. If it’s a long topic (more than 20 posts), I’d consider to create a new topic, summarizing the discussion. (Most users won’t read all posts, which leads to arguments being repeated over and over again).

If the topic is general chattering, ignore the above and feel free to chat.


I should clarify that unlike flovo I have no idea of which topic you refer haha, I was only speaking generally