Is it impossible to save a 3 x 2 territory?

Hi, in this game I lost a territory in one of the corners. It was a 3 x 2 territory and now I feel it is not possible to save a territory with this shape.

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scroll down to second L+1 I think that was your shape in the game :slight_smile:


Maybe this could help:

The bulky five is an unsettled shape, so the life and death of the group depends of who has sente to play on the vital point (

After Blacks plays D7 at move 29, I dont see a way to make the White group unconditionally live.


Thanks, I will think on

Another relevant Sensei’s article, directly about the status of 3x2 in the corner

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Yes, AFAICT it’s the Bulky Five.

But this here:

I think after that move White could still have played B9 or A8 (see my variations there).

But after Black’s mv 41 on A8, the Bulky Five’s vital point, it’s definitely dead.

seems I was wrong about being able to save the group, see “Variation: oops” and “Variation: oops #2” there.


Sorry, here you can see again how I’m just an eternal beginner.



I personally think after BA5 there is no saving the group (not even seki), but I have been wrong many times :smiley: if you want to analyze the position further @optimusfrenk we can meet up for a review…


Yeah, after Black A5 there isnt a way to make life

Guess I should rank myself down two more stones :disappointed: