Is my position in a puzzlers saved?

I am currently learning by walking through the puzzlers, and I noticed that on login I am always on the 1st puzzler in a group. This is quite annoying, sine some gropes have as many as 900 puzzlers.

Can it be improved? Ideally I would like to open a puzzler group an be on the last unsolved puzzler in the group.


I may be reviving an old topic here - but nothing has changed and not even any feedback as far as I can tell.

Having puzzle collections with 900 entries really asks for a feature that allows the user to return to a previous puzzle in a collection. This might be done by some automatic saving of the last position in a puzzle collection (which may create lots of unnecessary data) or by giving the user the option to set a single bookmark within a collection to which he would be automatically returned on next entry. On exiting the collection he could be asked to update or remove the bookmark.

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