Is "restrict rank" currently using the old or the new ranks?

Is “restrict rank” currently using the old or the new ranks?

(Also, I’ve always wanted to know: if it’s using the old ones, does it use the game-type specific one, or the overall one?)

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… we kinda need to know, because otherwise we could be selected people easily 2 stones above us…

On the profile-page it says the old ranks are no longer used. That would include rank restriction.

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Hi, Is there a bug for restrict rank for new game ? I want te selection a rank as 21,22,23,24,25k, but it’s note possible.

i have this problem with my ipad and sometimes on my mac.

do you see ?

Honestly, there isn’t much difference between 20k and 21k…

exact… but there is difference between 20 and 25!!

yesterday, i had more options (21->25) . now it is limited to 20. little hard for me… i m a newbie…


there is same limitation (20kiu) for minimum and maximum rank.

Hmm, that is a much bigger problem. Your picture only showed the max and so I thought “yes it’s a bug but perhaps not so bad”

Maybe just select “no rank restriction” for now? You might get a few stronger opponents but you’ll also get weaker ones. You could also consider turning handicaps on so that you have more of a chance against the stronger players and more of a challenge against the weaker ones?

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@BHydden: Thank you. But I hope there will be a best solution (if it’s a bug).

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