Is score matrix correct?

I’m very puzzled by my score matrix (I’ve always been, I’m just posting about it today).
Currently my overall score is : 1517±65 9x9 1686±66 13x13
1463±115 and 19x19 1270±212
The thing is that I almost only play 9x9, I’ve only played less than a handful of 13x13 and 19x19 and this was a long time ago.
So my overall score should be almost equal to the 9x9 but this not the case at all. How come ?
(I trust my overall score, I believe the 9x9 is way too high, unless the corresponding kyu is the same)

Yes, the matrix is correct and no, you cannot compare the different numbers of one account. All 16 ratings are calculated in their own rating pool.