Is the ability to announce a twitch broadcast a site supporter benefit? If so, where is this documented?

Hello, the supporter page lists a number of benefits but does not mention the ability to broadcast an announcement that you are hosting a live twitch session.

I presume that the $4.00/month membership is adequate for this?

Please update the docs to show all site supporter benefits.

It is not a supporter benefit.


oK. who is allowed to make site announcements that show up in a pop up in the upper right of your desktop? and what is required to be able to do that?

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The administrators and moderators, as well as others selected on a case-by-case basis.

Note that it is possible to turn off these notifications in the settings.

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How does one apply to be selected?

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Ask the moderation team. You can send report on your own account, on the main site, or PM @moderators here.

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I don’t think there are any other requirements than streaming OGS content. So, if you’re going to play games or do anything on OGS while streaming, your application is likely to be accepted.

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