Is the top right seki or not?

I’m absolutely convinced that it is.

Another reason I prefer playing face to face with people instead of online, people like him " goplayeramerica" get weeded out fast. They get there one win and after that no one in the club would bother to play with them, after that have fun playing alone.

A shame it doesn’t work as well online.

Yeah, goplayeramerica has a pretty bad reputation around here. It’s unfortunate, but we’re lucky to have a much more favorable ratio of jerks to awesome people around here at least.

EDIT Just looked at the game, and yeah, that’s exactly why I say that. Don’t worry about it, you were 100% correct; he’s a massive troll. I think you’re better than me (I’m barely 14k, and I don’t think I deserved it), but if you want a 19x19 with someone who plays fair and isn’t a jerk, please always feel free to send me a challenge! =]

That conversation with goplayeramerica is hilarious!

“rubbish documents just arn’t [sic] useful in real game situations of this complexity.”
“it should be left up to the player to deside [sic] things like this”
“I’ve played 600 games, you’ve played 4000 games, so I know this game better” [slightly paraphrased]

You just can’t make this stuff up! You usually have to pay to get entertainment this good :slight_smile:. I think I’ll take a cue from him and decide that all my future games are a win for me :wink:

@HowToPlay: I don’t know if goplayeramerica was being serious or not. But on the off chance that he truly didn’t understand that this was seki… I think the real advantage of OTB games is that players like this, who reach a level of 13k and don’t even know what seki is, just don’t materialize. There are some concepts that surface more easily when you actually talk with people, and in the absence of such social interaction, gaps in knowledge can accumulate.