Is there a way to mark yourself as Away?

I usually have a tab open with OGS on it, and when I come back to the site I’ll have a message from one on my friends wanting to play. Is there a way to set my status so it looks like I’m away?

Thank you.


There is not currently, but sounds like it could be a nice feature.


I guess I’ll just close the windows for now. It’s too bad, since I like having the site at my finger-tips.

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I agree that it would be a nice feature.

BTW, is it possible to determine whether a person is currently logged in to OGS? I seem to remember some months ago that when checking a person’s profile there was the little green/gray ball next to their picture that indicated on-line/off-line status … or am I just imagining that it was previously there? I think that this would also be a handy feature to have.

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That’s the exact thing that the OP wants to turn off :slight_smile:

Yes - all your friends who are logged in have a green light next to them in the friends list.

Also, if you are looking at the game of any player, their name has a green light next to it if they are looking at that game.

I don’t think you can tell if non-friends are logged in, unless you are looking at one of their games that they are also looking at.


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@GreenAsJade, yes I mean determining whether “non-friends” are currently online (and without going through the extra steps of checking whether they are currently in game that is not a correspondence game or happen to be looking at the same game as I. And, as well, not currently “away” (as the OP would like to be able to indicate indicate).

I have seen this sort feature on various other platforms (for chess or discussions, etc.). Is this a “privacy” issue of some sort? If not, then why the need to become “friends” with people you don’t even know just to find out whether or not they are currently online? It seems like one is forced to “jump through hoops” just to determine such a simple thing…

It sounds like a privacy thing. It means that you can’t easily hassle me when I’m online if I haven’t agreed to make it easy for you to see that I’m online.


OK. Thanks for the clarification.